When you use our website or mobile applications, TLM.O may collect and process information about you. This Privacy and Cookie Notice explains how this happens.


Users of our Website, associated mobi-sites, and software programs, together referred to as “our Platforms,” which are used to access and buy our goods and services, are subject to this privacy statement.

This privacy statement explains how, when, and for what purposes TLM.O uses your personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (the “POPI”).

When we collect or use your Personal Information, it’s vital that you read our Privacy Policy as well as any other terms and conditions, privacy notifications, or policies we may occasionally provide from time to time.


In this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall bear the meaning as indicated below:

“Personal Information” & “Process/Processing” shall bear the same meaning as stipulated in POPI

“We”, “Us” or “Our” refers to TLM.O

“You” & “Your” refer to each person that has access or uses our Platform/s.


Before using our Platforms or providing us with your personal information if you are under the age of 18, you must always obtain consent from your parent or legal guardian.

We may request your parent’s or guardian’s contact information so we can get in touch with them, for instance, to see if your parent or guardian has granted you such consent in order to verify it. You are not permitted to use our Platforms if we are unable to confirm such permission or if a parent or legal guardian certifies that you do not have their consent.


We gather and process some personal information from users in order for them to access and use our platforms. In order to provide you with our services as a registered user, we must collect and process your Personal Information.

When you register with our Platforms, we may collect the following Personal Information:
Name & Surname
Email address
Physical Address
Mobile Phone Number
Date of Birth
Identification Number
Financial Data

You represent and warrant that the data you have supplied is true, accurate, current, and complete and does not impersonate, falsely state, or otherwise misrepresent your association with anyone or anything.

Whether or not you are a registered user, TLM.O processes some of your Personal Information when you access our Platforms. We might get the following data based on how you access and utilise our platforms:

Your searches, views, downloads, and purchases on the TLM.O marketplace are among the types of information that we automatically gather and keep.
Log details on how, when, and for how long you use our Platforms and other services, the content you see, and the search terms you enter through online identifiers.
Information on the devices you use to access or utilise our platforms, such as the kind of device you’re using, the method by which you do so, the browser or operating system you’re using, and your IP address.
The geographic area from which you accessed our Platforms, including the GPS signal received by your device and details on nearby WIFI hotspots and cell towers. When you use location-enabled services, we receive this data.
Our carriers, payment service providers, merchants/brands, and advertising service providers are just a few examples of the third parties from which we might get information about you.
Any details about you obtained from third parties, such social media.


We use the personal data we acquire and process to:

Identify and verify your identity;
Create a user account for you;
Enter into contact with you
Continuously enhance our goods and services.
Fulfil our contractual obligations to you when you have ordered goods in order for us to deliver those goods and process returns.
Give you any information, goods, or services that you request for from us.
Provide you with information, goods, or services, including billing, customer support, addressing grievances, and quality control. Communicate with you regarding our Platforms.
Notify you of any updates to our terms and conditions, privacy notices, or policies, as well as any other changes that may have an impact on our platforms, services, or products.
Send you information on promotions, goods, or services that could be of interest to you (unless you have opted out of receiving such information). Attention: You might also get newsletters based on your interests, most recent purchases, and browsing habits. Visit the Newsletter Subscriptions page or unsubscribe upon getting a newsletter if you want to stop receiving them based on your recent purchases and browsing habits.
Abide by all legal and regulatory requirements, such as tax and banking regulations.
Carry out analysis-based research for statistical purposes. Your Personal Information is not included in the research or statistics we obtain through this procedure, and they cannot be linked to you or used to identify you.


We retain your Personal Information for as long as:

Is necessary for us to continue offering you our platforms, goods, or services.
We require same in order to fulfil the terms of our agreement with you;
You have authorized us to keep your personal information which is subject to your request for us to cease processing your personal information.
It is necessary or permitted by law and is in accordance with our internal retention guidelines.

Your Personal Information will be kept on file by us for as long as it takes to fulfil the original intent for which it was gathered or later processed. If your personal information is used for more than one reason, we will keep it until the purpose with the longest retention period expires; however, if the purpose with the shortest retention period ends, we will no longer use it for that purpose.

By using the Platform and gaining access to it, you agree that we may keep a record of your Personal Information for no longer than is reasonably necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was originally acquired or later processed.


We may use a variety of technology methods, such as cookies and/or user tracking, when you access and use our Platforms to enhance your online experience.

Cookies are text files that are installed on your device when you use our Platforms. These files do not include any of your Personal Information, but they do enable us to link you to a certain device with a view to better your browsing experience.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

To make our platforms easier to use;
To identify and tally the number of visitors, as well as to observe how people navigate the website while using it.
To personalize your encounters with our platforms, make sure they function on your device, and customise our services and platforms to your interests and needs.
To send you emails and messages from businesses or advertisers that are relevant to your interests.

Cookies may also be placed by our authorized third parties when you use our marketplace. Search engines, corporations that offer measurement and analytics services, social media networks, and advertising firms are examples of third parties.


By “opting-out” of any direct marketing communications we may send to you, you have the right to ask us not to contact you for direct marketing purposes via any kind of electronic communication, including automatic call-answering systems, email, and/or SMS notifications.


Your Personal Information is and will not be sold to other parties for marketing or any other uses.
Your personal information might need to be disclosed to third parties for the following reasons:
Sale of goods & services: We might be compelled to give your personal information to third parties in order to supply the goods and services you ordered from them on our marketplace.
To prevent fraud and abuse, as well as to comply with the law, we disclose account information and other personal data to other businesses and organizations.
Business transfers: As we expand our company, we might sell or acquire other companies or services. Customer information may be transferred together with other corporate assets in such deals.
We hire outside companies to carry out specific tasks for us. Examples include delivering items, analysing data, helping with marketing, processing payments, sending material, determining and managing credit risk, and completing orders for goods or services.

When sharing your personal information with third parties, we:
Mandate them to agree to use your data in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy, this privacy and cookie notice, and any applicable laws; and
Only allow them to process your personal data in accordance with our guidelines and for the objectives we’ve mentioned. Your personal information cannot be used by our third-party service providers for their own purposes.


For the objectives outlined in section 6 above, including data storage and backup requirements to maintain the integrity of our systems, we may transfer certain Personal Information to service providers located outside of South Africa.

When we move your personal data beyond of South Africa’s boundaries, we’ll make sure to do it in a way that complies with POPI’s guidelines for legal transfer outside of the country.

You agree that we may transmit your Personal Information outside of South Africa as described in POPI by accessing and using our Platforms.


21.1 We take adequate, reasonable organizational and technical precautions to avoid loss, damage, or unauthorized destruction and/or unlawful access to processing of your personal information in our custody or under our control, preserving its integrity and confidentiality.
21.2 We have policies, controls, and related processes in place that address the areas stated below and are regularly reviewed and updated in order to implement and maintain such measures.
21.2.1 Access restrictions and access tracking;
21.2.2 Network, physical, and technical security;
21.2.3 Secure storage. Destruction and encryption of Personal information records;
21.2.4 Reporting and repairing breaches involving personal information;
21.2.5 Written Agreements, Confidentiality Obligations on third parties who process personal information as part of their service on our behalf.

21.3 When we are legally obligated to do so, we will notify you and any relevant regulator of a breach.

21.4 In the event that you divulge your personal information to a party other than TLM.O, we will not be held responsible for any loss or harm that you may incur as a result of the revelation of that information to a third party. We have no authority over the third party’s use of your personal information. Always ensure you read the privacy statement of any third party.


It is crucial that the personal information we have on you is accurate and up to date. If your personal information changes throughout your partnership with us, kindly let us know.
After presenting sufficient identification, you are lawfully entitled to the following:
View, modify, and/or delete the Personal Information we process about you.
You can request a copy of or a description of your personal data. TLM.O may impose an additional administrative cost or reject requests for access to and amendment of your personal information that are obviously unjustified, disproportionate, or repetitive.
You can request to have your personal data updated, removed, or destroyed.
You can delete your account to stop being a registered user. In this case, TLM.O will only keep your personal information as long as it is necessary to comply with any applicable laws and/or internal retention guidelines.
Upon reasonable notice and request, furnish you with acceptable proof of our adherence to this privacy policy’s requirements.
Inform you if someone has accessed your personal data without authorization.
Inform the Information Regulator of your grievance.
Except where we have a valid reason not to, we will comply with your requests as soon as we receive them. You will be informed of the reason should we not be able to comply with your request.


You can file a complaint with the Information Regulator if you have any concerns about this privacy statement or our adherence to it.
The Information Regulator’s contact information can be found on its website at

Any previous privacy policy clauses on our website are now superseded by this one. This Privacy Policy may occasionally be updated by us. The Privacy Policy posted on this page is the version that applies to you when you use our platforms.